Latest News: Supervision of Master Students at NTNU

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January 2014: CPM collaborates with the Department of Sociology and Political Science at the Norwegian University of Sicence and Technology (NTNU) on supervising students that are writing their Master theses on topics related to petroleum resource management. The dialogue with a new class of students, who are due to deliver their theses in the summer of 2015, began in January. The first class of students that partook in this collaboration will deliver their theses this summer.

Management of Petroleum Resources

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For host countres, national and international organizations CPM provides research and consultancy on issues related the management of petroleum resources. Through our research and interaction with clients, CPM aims to deliver services that benefit host countries that are rich in petroleum resources.

Management of Petroleum Operations

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For companies and related institutions and organizations within the petroleum industry, CPM provides research and consultancy on the management of petroleum operations. Our main aras of expertise include: Strategy Development, Organizational Development, Change Management, Governing Documents, Work Processes and Integrated Operations