Center for Petroleum Management

Enabling the opportunities and preventing the threats that arise from natural resource abundance

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What we offer

We deliver extensive expertise and products supporting the management of petroleum resources.
Our main products and services include consulting, benchmarking and courses.


Our combined oil & gas industry experience and R&D activities give us unique knowledge on the opportunities and challenges that face countries rich in natural resources.

We share this knowledge through our consulting activity, the courses we offer, and our benchmarking application CPM Axess.


Through our online application CPM Axess we provide benchmarking services for countries with respect to three separate management indexes: political management, economic management and resource management.

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We provide specially-tailored courses and workshops for government officials, company and organizational representatives alike. Each course is designed to the specific needs of our clients.

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Managing a nation’s petroleum resources has proven to be particularly challenging, and many states have failed to meet their objectives.  CPM is here to help manage the complex mix of political, economic and resource management challenges that accompanies responsibility for resource management.

We provide knowledge and help design policies and institutions that will generate opportunities, while preventing the threats, that arise from natural resource abundance.


Our lengthy professional and academic experience provides clients with the cutting-edge knowledge they need to achieve their goals.

Professor Jonathon Moses

Chairman of the Board, Researcher and Consultant

Dr. Bjørn Letnes

Managing Director, Researcher and Consultant

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